Label: INDEX:Records

Cat: INDEX:005

Formats: 1x12"

Style: Techno

Release Date: Jun 1, 2019

Country: UK

Black Snake Whip
Black Snake Whip

Black Snake Whip - Black Snake Whip | INDEX:Records
Booming and banging, crashing and smashing, wriggling and writhing: the 'Black Snake Whip' cracks and out come the bats. INDEX:005 is a continuum of electrical fields that will psychologically ensnare and physically coerce you. Feel the tension from your ears to your toes; only dance will set you free. This is a body of music, made for your body. Its Influences have been cultivating in the minds of industrial space enthusiasts and warehouse ravers for years. The sound of peaky synth leads and trebly harsh drums will make you grit your teeth as you succumb to the urge to move. Take a whiff of this sonic bouquet from Black Snake Whip.

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