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1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM White Label



Release date

Jun 26, 2021

DRB Rolling on with number fifteen we welcome back the mighty Amos Bellot working under a couple of alias'.

Rolling on with number fifteen we welcome back the mighty Amos Bellot working under a couple of alias'. Hands down one of our favourite producers to ever do it! All tracks were produced in the 90's, taken from DAT and remastered for the occasion'

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Stalker - Night Mission


Stalker - Bump


SkyKap - Inta Outa


SkyKap - Badman Style

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Following the last's EP we joined forces with two artists taking care of music and artwork on the 4th release. The first one delivered by the infamous Italian legend Miki 'aka' Major Hypnotic Key Institute. His resume and collaboration's list are known and long enough to establish him as a pioneer and precursor of electronic and rave music since the 80s. 4 tracks ranging from slower hypnotic rhythms to speed-up marched techno/trance.And for the occasion on the artwork we collaborated with friend and genius Conxi at Ivvoki Studio, the result speaks beautifully for itself. Proudly presenting this 4 track Ep with included a repress of an old work from Miki on Interactive Test and a Re-Edit of miki and 2Volt of an early work from the Italian synthpop electronic band A.T.R.O.X.Well balanced music, techno / trance / minimal spreading pure 90s vibes from both sides but sounding so contemporary. A Must! have.
Futurepast’s fourth release lands on the frenetic and effective techno from newcomer Dardenne. The Flow EP is inspired by/a passage through the buzzy closing hours of Belgian nightlife. Elegantly simple hooks & driving basslines result in the brighter side of dark.Everything to keep you rooted to the dancefloor while your mind floats through the atmosphere. A dip in the pools of timelessness.Following two releases by experienced producers MGUN & David Morley, Futurepast is taking a pulse on the scene and making space for new talent to flourish.
"Colours is the new imprint of Dutch producer and DJ Taupe. Having released on labels such as Indigo Aera's much celebrated AE-X and the newly formed Impress Berlin, the time feels right for Taupe to start his own outlet. Premiering with 4 cuts of his own, Taupe sets the tone with 4 club-ready tracks, which vary from subtle & mystic groovers to primetime screamers. Paying homage to Detroit would be an understatement, but Taupe's colourful representation is much more than a shade; it's an elegant palette of its own."
No introduction needed here, the collectors version of 2 previously re-issued LPs on Transmigration no available as one double LP. Now complete with Obi strip and insert. Susumu Yokota's vision of techno - house, lovingly collected in collaboration with Space Teddy and the Yokota family. Presented through linear notes in English and Japanese with archival photos from Uwe Reineke and Mijk Van Dijk. All tracks have been remastered by Steffen Müller. Very limited quantities!
In a secret laboratory in an unknown location, two lifeforms not of this world were at work.Based on previous experiments, it was understood that when the two life forms were left alone together, they could create various elements from nothing, somehow communicating with each other what was needed through a sophisticated type of Internal Transmission.As scientists watched and took notes, the lifeforms sat on the floor across from each other. They did not talk. They did not move. They simply sat, doing the impossible. The atmosphere began to transform and one lifeform produced Gold, Arsenic, Carbon, and Radium. Almost simultaneously, the other conjured up Oxygen, Mercury, Nitrogen, and Neon.The elements swirled in the air until they finally combined. The result was astonishing. It was the exact same compound the lifeforms had been discovered with when they crash landed on Earth some 22 months before. A compound never seen before.

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