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Shonky Otis





1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP Test Pressing



Release date

Jan 24, 2022



Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Milka FM


Time Span


Creative Solutions

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Without doubt a balearic anthem, sounding so familiar yet at the same time maybe never heard before on too many contemporary dance floors. This track checks all the boxes: generous synthetic low end bass lines, catchy piano/string riffs, Spanish vocals, Flamenco guitar accents, dreamy synth chords, early synthesized flutes.Play this on any outdoor festival dance floor this summer and see for yourself, sunset or sunrise this will establish a moment of truth on the floor. Comes with 3 different remixes to choose from, all great, no fluff. Seriously remastered with new highly suggestive full color artwork.
What Can Be Done When Nothing Can Be Done Turning into a label and putting out our first record was an exhilarating process. Shoutouts again to everyone who’s bought Aroent’s “Eleese” EP, gave it airplay or left positive feedback. All of this certainly left us hungry for more, which is why we couldn’t be happier to announce our next EP, AWK002 - “Nines” by Lårry. After solid recent releases on Super Hexagon and Fusion Diagnostics, our dear Lårry goes from strength to strength with this versatile and atmospheric four tracker. From idiosyncratic techno swirls to emotive peak time bangers, every track has its own story and character, all served with immaculate sound design and the inimitable Lårry touch. Without further ado, we’ll stop our excited rambles and let the music do the talking. Thanks for the continued support and we hope you enjoy!
192 rec is back for summer time with a new debut EP signed by Atawël, a fellow French Reptilian based in Berlin. “Colors EP” is a groover. Deep and funky, it shines at beach parties, late after-hours, or any time you wanna bounce.
After shifting clandestinely between second hand crates as a bootleg vinyl for the last 25 years, Eddie Fowlkes’ Deepcover finally gets a proper pressing and 2 remixes by one of today’s most dedicated students of electro funk, OCB (Driss Bennis). Originally released on the Magic Tracks compilation CD by Juan Atkins, featuring tracks by artists like James Stinson and Keith Tucker, the track has all the elements of early techno soul straight from the hands of its inventor. Indescribable sounds combine in unexpected ways that just fit, pushing and pulling in all the right directions.
Eufonic Records are happy to announce the reissue of a timeless classic.
News from Matthew Herbert himself on Accidental Jnr. BIG!

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